Hey, what's up?

I'm a pretty approachable guy who would love to collaborate with you on your cool project, or at least point you in the right direction and help get the word out. So let me know about it!

Email me at michael.carychao@gmail.com

My company is Viridian Reveries, LLC, which doesn't have its own site anymore because personal brands are the thing we're doing now, right? But I'm available to consult on your wicked cool project.

Viridian is a shade of the color green, and being green is the marvel of our planet. Reveries are dreams, but waking dreams. So Viridian Reveries is what I think of as "the green dream"—that is, our solar system teeming with green, full of life.

The other stars, they seem really far away to me. Please, prove me wrong. My grandest vision for the future is humanity stewarding life throughout the solar system until it's downright teaming.

I'm chipping in for the time being by thinking about it, making games, stories, apps, essays, that kind of thing. But I could be tempted back into the engineering side of things. And, if the role of middle-aged space colonist opens up, I am so in.

Sometimes I'm a bit effusive with my optimism and I'll write these vervy little—what would you call them?—marketing poems?

Let's be
prolific artist-engineers
with a positive influence
leveraging AI co-creation tools,
no-code, software-as-a-service,
crowdfunding, self-publishing,
digitally-enabled community,
and other emergent technologies.

Let's build a future where
technology and nature
work together in balance
on a solar system-wide civilization
that flourishes for all
in this lifetime.

Since I've been talking up AI so much, I was challenged to see if AI could write my bio. The results are . . . interesting! Let me know what you think. So what should I know about you?